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Fill Dirt, Topsoil, & Landscaping Supplies in the Wiregrass Area

Skipper's Trucking hauls fill dirt, fill soil, and a variety of other materials for your worksite. Browse our landscaping supplies below, then contact us for more information about our dump truck services.

#57 Crushed Gravel
Our most popular stone for drainage and driveways, this stone is gray in color and about the size of your thumb. It is crushed and locks together better than river gravel.

Pea Gravel
This round river rock is great for walkways, back fill, and drainage. The color consists of browns and beiges.

#57 River Rock
This is a round river rock about the size of your thumb. It is great for walkways, back fill, and drainage. The color consists of browns and beiges.

#4 Crushed Gravel
These are approximately 2" crushed stones that are gray in color and good for use in heavy wash areas. Gravel is used on steep driveways with water washing issues or on farming roads and hunting trails where driving conditions can become hazardous.

Masonry Sand
This is a clean and washed natural sand product. Sand has a wide range of applications but is processed primarily for use in mortar mix for brick and block laying. It may also be used for pool installation, sanding golf courses, lawns, and play sandboxes.

Gravel, Fill Dirt in Abbeville, AL

Pea Gravel, Fill Dirt in Abbeville, AL

Sand, Fill Dirt in Abbeville, AL

Riprap, Landscape Mulch in Abbeville, AL

More Landscaping Supplies and Landscaping Stone:

Fill Sand
This naturally occurring sand soil is good for filling small holes in yards or leveling uneven areas. Grass will grow in this material, making it great for top coating areas of base dirt to prevent tracking red dirt everywhere. Concrete contractors use this as a 4" to 6" topcoat in foundations for ease of final leveling.

Fill Dirt (Fill Soil)
A clay/sand mixture, fill dirt is a base material suitable for back fill where compaction is required. It is mainly used in foundations or for leveling out portions of uneven ground.

Class I Riprap
These 25- to 75-pound stones are mainly used in erosion control.

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